Well, today is going to be very busy, and I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Coughing again.  The doctor did call in a Rx for me for Singulair, so that should help me breathe a lot better.  He also called in a Rx for Alexander for antibiotics, because it looks like Alex has strep throat.  *sigh* I just want everyone to be well again.

Amber wrecked her car yesterday.  She was really upset, but I think once she is not so sick, she will be able to look at things more objectively.  I guess our insurance will go up now.  If I hadn’t been so sick, I could have gotten her on her own insurance last week.  Then she probably wouldn’t have even had the wreck!!

I’ve gotta go in a few minutes to take Faith to the dentist.  One of her crowns came off a few days ago, and it’s really hurting her.  She has an appointment for a check-up next week, but this couldn’t wait.

Still working on the website, making great progress!  I am hoping to be mostly done with the main framework today, then I can play around with other ideas, like photo pages and stuff like that.  I’ve also thought about putting some of my poetry up, but not sure about that.

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