Well, I finally got my garden planted today!  I am very pleased, and have to give credit to Alex and Faith who helped me a LOT!  Alex worked harder than I’ve ever seen him work.  Kendall helped some, but hates gardening, so I only made him do the stuff the rest of us didn’t have the muscle for, LOL!

We planted tomatoes, peppers, green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, slicing cukes and pickling cukes, and carrots. (I hate carrots, but Faith and Alex insisted.)  And, so far, my back is doing fine!  I took a hot bath after we were done, and I think that helped.

Bonnie, our puppy, has turned into a tiny furry hurricane!  She is taking over the house!  She is so fun to watch, but she has developed a voracious appetite, and we have to really make sure she doesn’t eat something that will make her sick.

Amber has been busy planning her upcoming wedding to Jeff.  We told them they couldn’t live here after they got married.  It would just be too many people (Jeff has his 2 children every other weekend) and with Jeff working for Gaylon, I think it would not be good.  So, she is also trying to find a house.  Not an easy task around here, because everything is so expensive.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep. . . didn’t mean to stay up so late.  But I just had to report that my garden is in, and I am very excited about that!

Oh, one more thing.  Talked to Mom today (FINALLY!).  She is in Jerusalem now, and having a great time.  She said she hasn’t seen any signs of terrorism, but when they were in the Jewish Quarter, there were a lot of soldiers with guns.  She has already visited the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and some other city I won’t even try to spell correctly!  She will be home next week.  I will be relieved.

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