We finally got some money from the insurance company to start rebuilding our house.  Actually, rebuilding is not really accurate, since we leveled the old house, and are building a completely new one.  Gaylon has been there all week with a friend of his who he hired to dig out the footers for the new house.  They have been having a great time playing with heavy machinery!  Kendall has been working with them, too, and has been having a grand ol’ time, as well!

Gaylon has used this opportunity to get rid of all the dead trees and things he wanted to get rid of all along.  Our entire piece of property looks like a completely different place.  It really is amazing.

They should be able to pour the footers next week, and then as soon as that is done, they will start the floor system.  I’ve been teasing Gaylon and telling him I am going to be his most difficult customer yet!

I am very excited about the new house we are going to be building.  It has 5 bedrooms, a garage, a laundry room INSIDE the house, a wonderful master suite with a sitting room, a desk in the kitche, as well as an island and walk-in pantry.  It is going to be so convenient and wonderful!  Maybe we can get some of our familly to make the trip out next year for Thanksgiving and spend some time with us in our new home.  Gaylon says if everything goes exactly as planned, we might actually be done by December, but we all know that it will probably be January or February before we actually get to move in.

The kids and I are getting ready to start school in a couple of weeks.  Kendall is enrolled in college. . . he will be taking 2 classes there, and 2 at Dayspring (a homeschool tutorial group we use) and still doing school here at home with me.  Alex will start at Veritas Christian Academy on the 17th.  He is thrilled. For his electives he chose performing arts and fencing.  He is also considering doing Cross Country this fall.  I think he’s going to love school.

Faith is finishing up her week of Day Camp at Camp Tekoa this week, and then she and I will get back to doing school on Monday.  We did a week of school last week, just to get ahead.  She is reading so much better, and we are really having fun.  We got a membership at Highland Lake, and will be going swimming in the mornings and doing school in the afternoon for the rest of August.  That’s the joy of homeschooling!

Well. . . since this rent house is not self-cleaning, I guess I better go vacuum something!

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