I love being a wife and mother, even with all the chaos that it tends to entail. I love homeschooling my children, planning meals, and even keeping my home relatively presentable (except for the ever-present and amazingly prolific dust bunnies, I do a decent job of it!). But sometimes, we all need a break.

When I was a teenager, my idea of a break differed vastly from what I now consider to be a break. I used to think that staying out all night and partying was the pinnacle of fulfillment. But, (thank goodness!) I am no longer a teenager, and I am quite content with going out to dinner with a few of my closest friends and enjoying good company, stimulating conversation and a really smooth micro brewed beer from Belgium that I can’t spell or pronounce.

I spend my weeks in a whirlwind of activity, editing homeschool yearbooks, formatting graduation announcements, organizing my daughter’s 10th birthday party, making sure my youngest son makes it to his Driver’s Ed classes on time, as well as his Drama Club meetings and Class of 2010 Soirees. I steal time away to crochet an afghan for my oldest son to take with him to college in the fall, and find recipes that I think sound unique and exciting for his upcoming graduation festivities. I am negotiator, activities director, project coordinator, travel engineer and prayer warrior. I tend to all decorations, set-up, clean-up, menu planning, budgeting and therapy sessions. To say that my days are full is a gross understatement! But, I am happy, and the future looks bright.

So, an evening out with friends is a more than welcome reprieve from the day-to-day stress, and a sweet reminder of the blessings God has showered me with in my friendships. I am aware that everything I do is done only by God’s grace, and His grace is seldom more tangible to me than when I spend time in the warmth and security of true friendship.

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