So I was checking out a friend’s blog tonight, and on the sidebar of it there were lots of those Google Ads that you can click on to check out various other sites, blogs, and news articles.  Usually these links are supposed to take you to sites that have similar content to the site you are already on.  I think ‘similar’ may be up for debate, however, in this instance.  My friend has decided he is gay, and also that he is an atheist.  So I was intrigued, to say the least, at the link I found on his blog.  I couldn’t help myself:  I clicked on it.

The gist of the article is this: Apparently Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, a group for helping homosexuals find healing and turn away from that lifestyle, has made some comments to the effect that he doesn’t really believe that someone can truly, completely, change from gay to straight.  This is naturally disheartening to the thousands of folks who have sought help from Exodus.  But the article goes on to quote Stephen Bennett, President of Stephen Bennett Ministries, who says that absolutely, unequivocally, he used to be gay, and he is now completely straight, married (for 13 years, even) and happy.  He is a Christian, and states without any question whatsoever that Jesus saved him from his former life(style). 

I personally have friends who used to be gay, but are straight now.  I have friends who have always been gay, and have never even considered any other option.  And I know some in between.  Gay or not, we all have our crosses to bear.  I’m not here to judge anyone or make that decision. I simply thought it was really interesting that such a link was found on the blog of a man who is convinced he is gay and has no use for God. 

Check it out for yourself: Sorry Exodus, Homosexuals can COMPLETELY Change (from Christian Newswire.)

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