We finally got some letters from Alex and Faith!  Alex, historically, does not write much.  He is generally not a man of many words.  Faith, on the other hand, loves to write.  She keeps a journal.  Before she could actually write words in it, she would draw out the events in her mind with pictures.  She has pen pals, too.  One in Utah, two just down the road.  But they all write. 

Now, her spelling leaves a bit to be desired, but as long as she keeps writing, I know that will come.  For example, in her last letter, she sent us a page on which she had written out her Skegiwol.  Phonetically speaking, that comes out to ‘Schedule’!  Not bad!  Then she drew a graph, with the days of the week, the hours of the day, and listed her activities for each day. Basically, on MWF, she has, in order of occurrence, Archery, Dance, "Food!", Chorus, and Swimming.  On TTS, she has Gymnastics, Riflery, "Food!", Riding and Art. (Emphasis on "Food!" hers, not mine!)  Too cute!

Then there is Alex.  He cut out a tiny strip of paper that the camp had printed his schedule on, and mailed it to us.  I’m talking really tiny here, like 6 point font!  His schedule reflects his personality every bit as much as Faith’s reflects hers.  MWF: Riding, Climbing, Paintball, Riflery.  TTS: Riflery, Rocketry, Riflery, Archery.  Hmmmm.  I’m am beginning to have some concern that he may be in training to be some sort of survivalist mercenary.  At least he’s happy, and tells us he is having fun.  Although he did lose his stamps and have to buy new ones before he could send us a letter.

All my children are so different, and (usually) that is what makes parenting so exciting and fun.  Kendall has just gotten a job at the Biltmore Forest Country Club.  It is a bit of a commute, but he will be working in the kitchen, and getting paid $9.00/hour for 48 hours a week.  To start.  It is one of the top 3 rated kitchens in the nation, apparently, and he is very proud.  His friend, Ben, got him in the door.  Kendall took it from there.  I have to say, of all my children, I never thought Kendall would be working in a kitchen.  For any reason or amount of money.  I honestly feared if it weren’t for a microwave and Taco Bell the kid would starve to death after he moved out.  Apparently, I am wrong, and by the time he eventually does get ready to move out, he will be able to provide his roommates and/or family with amazing gourmet meals.  Mom and I are ready for the desserts!

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