I love summertime!  There are so many wonderful things about it, it’s hard to even know where to begin.  First, of course, are the lightening bugs.  Where I grew up out in New Mexico, there were no lightening bugs. (And before I forget to clarify:  here in the South that is the proper term for them.  Only non-Southerners call them ‘fireflies’.)  So one of the simple delights of my summers is the reappearance of these sweet little creatures.  I love to sit out on my deck and watch them flicker in the woods.  It is easy to understand how people used to believe in fairies! Well . . . some of us still like to believe in fairies . . . anyway, their light show is unparalleled. 

The next thing I love about summer is the weather.  Not just the heat, but the amazing thunderstorms that roll through almost every afternoon.  Here in the South, we have a lot of heat lightening, so even if we don’t get a storm, there is almost always some sort of show in the sky to watch.  But I do love the sound of thunder, and the way it just keeps rolling through the mountains.

And this afternoon I was reminded of another summer delicacy that I had almost forgotten:  peaches!  Sweet, juicy, syrupy peaches!  The kind you can only get from South Carolina. I am aware that Georgia claims to be the "Peach State", but the real story is that the best peaches come from South Carolina!  We only live about 10 minutes from the SC border, so finding these wonderful fruits is not a problem.  And I love peaches any way they come:  in cobbler, homemade ice cream, fresh, or made into homemade jam.  Which is my plan for this evening.  I am going to make homemade peach jam.  Gaylon and Kendall like it so much they will eat it from the jar with a spoon.

And of course there is my garden!  My zucchini plants are threatening to take over the world, and the yellow crookneck squash and cucumbers are right behind them in their plans for world domination!  The tomato and pepper plants are finally starting to show some spunk, and my bean plants are really taking off!  I am hopeful that within a month we will be covered up in wonderful fresh veggies!  I love canning tomatoes. . . it is such a blessing to be able to grab a mason jar off the shelf in December to make homemade stew with homegrown tomatoes!  And of course, everyone else is patiently waiting for me to make salsa.  But it won’t last until December!

This Friday, we pick Faith and Alex up from camp.  They have had a wonderful time, and made lots of new friends.  We have really started to miss them, and are ready for them to come home.  I am anxious to hear their ‘adventures from camp’ stories.

And finally, the last thing I cherish about summertime is that it is the time I traditionally set aside to read a good murder mystery!  I love Mary Higgins Clark, and am currently reading Two Little Girls in Blue.  I need to finish it soon, though, because the final installment of the Harry Potter books is coming out on the 7th of next month, and I will do nothing else until that book is consumed! (Usually takes about two days, tops.)

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