So I have a nasty summer cold, and have been living in a cold med induced fog for the last few days. That leaves me with pretty much nothing better to do than watch CSI re-runs and mindlessly surf the internet looking for worthless trivial information. Okay, and I’ve played a lot of Free Cell, but not too successfully. (Thanks, I’m sure, to the cold meds!).

Anyway, this morning I found something interesting on Apparently it has been twenty-five years since Blade Runner was released. And I am old enough to remember when that happened. Which doesn’t seem all that bad, until you start clicking through the “then-and-now” photographs. Wow. . . it is truly amazing how much Harrison Ford has aged in the past twenty-five years! (Fortunately, I still look the same. . .ha!) Okay, humor aside, Harrison Ford has indeed aged well, and so has Darryl Hannah. Edward James Olmos doesn’t even look like the same guy, and neither does Rutger Hauer, although time has been much kinder to him than to Mr. Olmos.

BladerunnerBlade Runner was cutting edge stuff when it hit the big screen back in the early ’80s. We were all really impressed and amazed. I had a boyfriend who was absolutely obsessed with the movie, and so he kept renting it, and we watched it a LOT. But, it was good entertainment, so I didn’t mind. It might be of some interest that, in honor of Blade Runner’s 25th Anniversary, Warner Brothers is planning to release “The Final Cut”, which is supposedly what the director really intended. For a short trip down Memory Lane, check out “Blade Runner: Where Are They Now?” on

Once you’re finished with that little flashback, you have the opportunity to check out “The Brat Pack: Where Are They Now?”. Now, I have to admit that’s the one that got me. Anthony Michael Hall (remember the Nerd in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club?”) looks OLD! And Judd Nelson looks, well, like he got caught in a light socket. Ally Sheedy and Molly Ringwald have aged fairly well. Rob Lowe looked better with more hair, as did James Spader. But Robert Downey Jr. looks amazing (probably has something to do with being sober?) and I’m just glad the guy is still alive! In my humble, non-professional opinion, he is one of the greatest actors. Ever. Why is it all the Great Talents seem to have so many issues???

Anyway, I am amazed at the difference twenty-five years can make. I shouldn’t be, I suppose. After all, in the last twenty-five years I’ve gotten married, had three children, lived in three different states, lost my grandmother and my father, my husband’s aunt and father (all to cancer), and homeschooled my oldest from diapers to college. Yeah, we cover a lot of ground in twenty-five years. I wonder what the next twenty-five years will hold?

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