We started ‘school’ this week, and so far it’s going really well!  Faith has been doing a tremendous amount of work, with a delightful attitude, in spite of a pretty nasty cough that gets in her way. (Seems she doesn’t do well with chlorine. . .)  The first day did take us a bit longer than usual, but that was okay, because we had the whole day to ourselves, since Alex was at Dayspring all day.  The last couple of days have been significantly shorter, so we both have more free time in the afternoons.  That’s really nice since this is a short week, due to us having to take Friday off to move Kendall to Belmont.

I mentioned that Alex had his first job interview last week.  It went well, apparently, because they asked him to come back for a 2nd interview.  So, yesterday we go back to Chick-fil-A and he goes in for round two.  I figured it was going well, because he was in there nearly 40 minutes.  Next thing I know, he comes out grinning and waving a Policies and Procedures manual at me.  How awesome!  There are some restrictions, since he is only 14. By this time next month, he’ll be 15 and DRIVING!!!  He can only work during traditional non-school hours, and he can only work about 18 hours a week.  But that will work out really well, considering he does have schoolwork to do, and he has about 9 hours a week of play practice, and every other week he meets with his Drama Group, and he also has Squires meetings once a month.  The boy is busy!  And I am sooo proud of him.  He is growing up so fast.

Tonight, Kendall has invited me to join him at the new ‘hot spot’ in town:  The Hookah House.  I’ve never been to a Hookah House, but I have always been fascinated by that smoking caterpillar in Lewis Carroll’s book!  This was supposed to be a Mother/Son night out on the town, a last ‘Hurrah!’ before he goes off to college.  I had envisioned some really nice, quiet, intimate evening of meaningful conversation and exchange of thoughts and feelings.  Silly me.  Turns out, I am going to be having a nice, quiet, intimate evening with Kendall and 400 of his closest friends!  (Okay, more like 6 or 7) But I can’t really complain, since they way it has been communicated to me is that when they found out I was going to be at the Hookah House, they all wanted to come along, because they enjoy my company so much.  Hmmmm. . . . could be a con job, but I can stand the flattery. 🙂 At any rate, it should be an enjoyable evening.  And to that end, I’m off to take a shower!

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