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Alex just turned 15.  Wow.  And, as I promised him, he really is getting taller.  A lot taller.  So I took a picture of him and Kendall this past weekend to prove it to him.  Just less than a year ago, Alex didn’t even come up to Kendall’s shoulders, now he’s up to his ears!! And Kendall is 6’2", so that’s saying a lot. 

It was a good birthday party.  Nothing fancy, just a couple of friends to share it with, and plenty of video games and Dr. Pepper.  Really, who could ask for more?

And it was really good to see Kendall again.  He enjoys college, but keeps wondering why many of his fellow students are there at all.  Kendall likes to have fun, but he also has goals and values.  Best he can tell, most of the kids are there to party.  Of course, "It’s College".  We all know that.  But it would be nice if he could find some friends who had a little more, ah, depth, to them. 

Anyway, couldn’t help but show off my boys.  They are growing up at an electrifying rate, and are almost polar opposites on most issues.  But they are friends.  And that is worth so much!

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