"Creepy" 6
Originally uploaded by Morningtower

This time of year the Orb Weavers come out. Now, I hate spiders! I am basically terrified of them, but these little guys fascinate me. As long as I see them before I walk right into them, I’m okay. And here in North Carolina, we have some of the coolest looking spiders I’ve ever seen. They are orange, with stripes. October is the time we see most of them, hence the reason we call them “Halloween Spiders”.

They build the most amazing webs. In fact, they tend to build the same web over and over. The kids and I have a lot of fun watching them tear down their webs, and build new ones. So this morning, Faith and I were excited to find that not only had this particular spider (which Faith has named “Creepy”) rebuilt his web, but he was sitting in the middle of it, and it was covered with raindrops! So we both did our best to take clear pictures of him, and agreed that this picture was the best.

We took a lot of pictures, actually. If you’d like to see more of “Creepy”, visit my flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/morningtower

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