I meet a lot of people.  I like most of them.  Once in a while I meet someone I admire enough to want to get to know them a little better.  And very rarely, I meet someone who changes my world.  Someone who teaches me things about God and Life that I was completely unaware of before.  Who challenges me to become better, to grow in holiness.

When I first found out we would be moving to North Carolina, I started to pray.  I asked God to give me friends out here.  I only knew one person here, and my nearest relative was going to be two states away!  So I knew I was going to have to make friendships and that I needed God to bless me with people who I could count on.

So when we got somewhat settled in our new home, I packed up my boys and went to a La Leche League meeting.  God was faithful to answer my prayers at that meeting in ways I would never have dreamed!  I met several women there who are still my friends today.  And a couple of them were those rare gifts who have blessed me over the past thirteen years in more ways than I can count.

We really struggled financially when we first moved out here, and one of those dear ladies reached out to me and shared with me concepts I’d never before heard of.  She taught me about buying foods in bulk, about Once-A-Month-Cooking.  She gave me wonderful recipes for natural foods. She made copies of her out-of-print Christian homeschooling natural living magazines for me. She called me when there was anything interesting going on in our homeschooling community.  I delivered her 4th child at home, and she babysat my boys when I had to go to the hospital to have my 3rd child. She blessed my life in more ways than I can ever count! 

Over the years we have drifted apart somewhat, not talking on the phone nearly so often, or visiting one another’s homes much.  But I am a different and better woman because of her friendship, and I am forever grateful for the wisdom she has shared with me over the years.  And last night I got an email asking for prayer for her today, as she goes in to the hospital this morning for testing to verify the diagnosis she received yesterday.  Her doctor thinks she has breast cancer.

I feel helpless that all I can do for her, after all the many wonderful things she’s done for me over the years, is pray.  But I am praying for her (and her family) with all my heart.  I don’t always understand God, but I know that He is Sovereign and Good, no matter how things may appear to the mortal eye. I am asking for healing and wisdom for my dear friend.  And I’m also thanking God for putting such an amazing person in my life, who continues to teach me so much through her quiet, unwavering faith in Him.

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