I have a friend who is amazingly gifted, although she would never admit it!  She has created the most beautiful greeting cards, and is selling them directly and through local businesses.  Everyone told her she needed a website, and a few folks even recommended that she talk to me!  Wow.  I built my own website, and am still really proud that I wrote all of the HTML myself, but I think it’s quite an honor to be recommended!

So, I have built a website for her, and while it is nowhere near as impressive as her greeting cards, hopefully it will be a vehicle for her to sell her work.  As of now, there are only three cards ready for sale, but she has over fifty verses ready for the artist to bring to life.

I  feel obligated to say what she would want me to say:  she is only God’s instrument.  And I tell her about how Mother Teresa always said she was only God’s pencil.  I think my friend, Karen, is God’s paintbrush! 

Anyway, check out the website:  Walking In The Wilderness.

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