Well, I went to see the surgeon this afternoon, and he took my bandages off and discharged me! Yay! I am glad to have them gone, but they did come in handy at one point. I was sitting around talking to Kendall and Gaylon, who were having a friendly debate over who had the worst and most wounds. So I sat there and listened to them for a while, then lifted my shirt up, displaying my ugly, blood-stained bandages, and said “Oh, yeah, guys?? Beat this!!” Yep. . .I won that one!

For free entertainment, we having been watching Faith’s new kitten, Bandit, chase the other cats and Bonnie around the house and try to attack them. It is so funny to watch him! He is this little black puff of fearless fur! Waldo Pepper took a new approach, and just sat on him. I think that should win some sort of award for most random act of heroism!!

In other news, I forgot to mention that Gaylon has gone back to school again. He is now working toward a Business Management Degree. I definitely admire his determination! It does keep him down in his office a lot more, but I do get a kick out of listening to him complain about things like “Moodle”, for his online class!

I have been updating this site bit-by-bit, and have now added pages on Homeschooling and Genealogy. (Subject to change soon). There are some pictures on the Homeschooling page, and I am hoping to add some pictures to the Genealogy page before too long, as well. But that involves uninterrupted scanning, so that may take a while longer. Check back!!

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