I just discovered that if you “Google” the phrase “March for Life 08”, my blog comes up as the fourth listing!  Wow. . . could this be my moment of fame? 😀

Here’s the update for now on the March:  there were over half a million marchers, including Kendall and Alex.  Alex forgot to take the camera we sent with him to the march, so we are just going to have to take his word for what he saw.  Kendall took his camera, and promises that he got some pictures of both the Belmont Abbey College group and the St. Barnabas group.  He also got a picture of Alex, but for some reason didn’t manage to get a picture of himself with Alex.  I’m not going to try to figure that one out.  Not being a teenage boy I’m not sure I’d understand anyway.

On a random note, I am starting to think evil thoughts about Adobe Software again.  Their programs are excellent, but they are so restrictive with licensing that it makes me want to scream!  I am the editor of our homeschool support groups Yearbook.  We have roughly 300 families in our group, and about a third of them participate in the yearbook.  Last year, we earned enough in advertising and yearbook sales to buy the latest version of Adobe InDesign CS3.  But it only came with two activations!  So only two of us can use it, making it very frustrating for several people to be able to work on the yearbook simultaneously, which had been my hope.

After calling Adobe and asking about their “Volume Licensing” program, I am almost tempted to used PrintShop or some other cheap program. Each additional ‘license’ costs $200 for non-profits, or, if we bought a minimum of 10 additional licenses, under their ‘educational licensing’, then it would only be $160/license.  Ha!  As homeschoolers,most of us are already on a shoestring budget, having sacrificed that second income to be able to stay home and educate our own children.  We simply don’t have that kind of spare cash laying around.

Okay, I’m done.  I will come down off of my soapbox now.  If anybody has any spare Adobe InDesign CS3 programs that they are trying to get rid of, let me know.  I could use them!

Check back in a day or two for more details on Alex’s experience at the March for Life and the Holocaust Museum.

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