I finally got a few pictures back from the boys’ trip to D.C. for this year’s March for Life! I am hoping to get some more in the next few days, and will post them as soon as I do. Kendall took a lot of pictures on his new camera, had a ton of pictures (Thank you Lishi!) of the Belmont Abbey College group on his camera, so I am only posting a couple of those here, because a lot of them were pretty much the same. In the first picture, you can’t see Kendall, so look for him in the second picture, in the back, on the far left, with the long hair! (If you click on one of the little picture squares on the right, you can look at all of the pictures on my Flickr account.)

Belmont Abbey College Marchers

Belmont Abbey College group at the March for Life 08


Kendall is on the left in the back. His roommate, Ben, is squatting down in front in the black hoodie.

And, last, but not least, here is a picture of Alex while he was at the March. Like I said before, I will hopefully have more pictures of him and our Youth Group to post very soon. 🙂

Alex at the March 08

Alexander at the March for Life ’08

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