My daughter and I love to crochet. In fact, when she and I decided to learn how to crochet a couple of years ago, she picked it up far more quickly than I did. I was struggling to master the simple ‘chain’. She on the other hand, magically crocheted a little ball that she then stuffed with cotton and used as a cat toy! 😛 Since then, she has developed her own patterns for various doll blankets, scarves, pillows and other items that she finds useful in her ten-year-old world. And her stitches are absolutely perfect and even.

I know that crochet relaxes me, and I enjoy creating pretty things for my friends and family. I cannot create my own patterns, like my daughter, but it’s still a fun way for me to unwind. So I was pleasantly surprised to find the following article this morning: People Who Knit and Crochet May Be Happier and Healthier on The Open Press.

Evidently, activities such as knitting and crochet can lower one’s heart rate, lower blood pressure, increase creativity and help one to be better in math. Okay, I confess that NOTHING could probably help me with my math issues, but that’s a different story!

So, even though I couldn’t care less about Football, I think this evening will find me curled up in front of the T.V., watching the ads, er, I mean, Superbowl, and working on that ripple afghan I started last year!

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