Okay, this is where I’m probably going to offend someone. But I read something today that made my blood run cold. I was reading Yahoo! News, about the Democratic Primaries. It’s an interesting and short read, if anyone is interested: Clinton Ridicules Obama in Comeback Bid. Apparently, Hilary is saying that we (Americans) have to make choices between speeches and solutions. (I agree.) Her point is that Obama may be a great speaker and motivator (So was Hitler) but there is a world of difference between being able to motivate people and effectively lead them. (Indeed!) Obama’s response is what I found so chilling:

“Contrary to what she’s been saying, it’s not a choice between speeches and solutions,” he said.

“It’s a choice between a politics that offers more of the same divisions and distractions that didn’t work in South Carolina and didn’t work in Wisconsin and will not work in Texas. Or a politics of common sense, of common purpose, of shared sacrifice and shared prosperity.”

WHAT???? We already share enough of our sacrifice and prosperity with those who refuse to lift a finger to help themselves! For anyone who cannot read between the lines, let me help you out here: Shared Sacrifice + Shared Prosperity = Communism.

Sadly, most people do not think for themselves. They are far too willing to believe whatever they hear, especially if it is worded in such a way as to tickle their ears. They never bother to research what they hear. In fact, they don’t even know how to apply classical logic to the arguments presented by politicians. Most politicians talk in pretty circles, but don’t ever say anything. But, by golly, it sounds good! And that’s exactly how Hitler convinced good, honest, decent German people to throw the Jews into concentration camps. He was a master of propaganda, and so is Obama.

Obama’s catch phrase is “Yes, we can!” Who can? Unless Congress is behind him, he’s not going anywhere with his campaign promises. And all these young fans who are rallying behind him, what are they going to do to help when the show is over and the work begins? They are no more than groupies, fanatically following their new star. They are blinded to the truth that this man has no experience and his agenda is more than questionable.

I pray that the American people wake up. I hope that we take a good, hard, long look at the candidates and what they really represent, and who they truly are. Yeah, it’s disturbing, but it’s necessary. Please don’t jump on any bandwagon until you know what powers it.

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