Things have been really busy around here lately. We have joined 4-H, and while that hasn’t taken up much time yet, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to, and soon! Tomorrow night Faith and I will be helping out with a fundraiser, working the concession stand. But, it sounds fun, so we are looking forward to it. Both Faith and Alex are about to start working on their presentations, and Faith is starting a 4-H Sewing Class next week. Also, Alex is going to start working on writing a script for our club to do for 4-H Entertains in May.

It is also Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Time. So, what that means is that our dining room is covered up in boxes and cases of Girl Scout Cookies. Everywhere! Unfortunately, Faith is a great salesperson, and sold 125 boxes this year, by herself. (I would have been more helpful, but was recovering from surgery, so that didn’t work out too well.)

Alex is staying really busy with Drama and Church. He still does his Drama Reading Group every other week with a group of homeschoolers at the library. They do cold readings of plays, everything from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller. He loves it, and they all have a lot of fun. He is also taking an acting class at the Flat Rock Playhouse. If you haven’t heard of it, it truly is world class. Click their name in red up above to check out their website. Alex has started up a prayer group for the youth group, too. They meet thirty minutes before Youth on Sunday evenings to say the Rosary. He felt very strongly led to do this, and got it set up without anything from me but encouragement. How proud I am goes without saying. The other big news with Alex is that he shaved his head for Lent. Yeah, really. My Mom says that he and Kendall now look like Cousin It and Uncle Fester, because Kendall’s hair is so long, and Alex’s is gone!!

Speaking of Kendall, he is doing great at college, and lately has been staying busy helping his girlfriend move down here from D.C. She is planning on coming down in a couple of weeks, and will be staying with us until she gets a job here and her own place. She is a very resourceful and courageous young woman, and I am very impressed with her. She has saved up a substantial amount of money, and I think is going to make the transition very smoothly. We are looking forward to having her here and getting to know her better.

Gaylon’s job is going well, keeping him very busy. I am getting a lot busier with editing our homeschool support group’s yearbook. It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of work. We have new software this year, so I am also having to learn to use Adobe InDesign, which has a bit of a learning curve, but hey! I love a challenge! I am also now the assistant leader for our Girl Scout Troop. I don’t think I really do that much assisting, but it’s fun. Gaylon and I are hoping to find a weekend to get away for a bit and relax. But that will have to wait until after Easter, I’m sure!

So, that’s the update here. I realized that I hadn’t written anything ‘personal’ for a while, so thought it was probably time! Besides, it’s not every year you get to blog on February 29th! 😉 I would love to hear from those of you who are far away! Leave me a comment!! And, since tomorrow it’ll be March . . . Eírinn Go Brágh!!

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