I read an interesting blog this morning, describing how President Bill Clinton has recently been accused of playing the ‘race card’ against Obama. Y-Decide 2008. Hmm. Okay, I am not a fan of Bill Clinton’s, but somehow this one doesn’t make sense. President Clinton was always doing something to help minorities. They used to love him! And, because apparently my lot in life is to always be the one screaming “The Emperor Has No Clothes!”, please allow me to point out the obvious, yet again: Obama is HALF WHITE. His mother is ENTIRELY WHITE. So, when somebody says something about him that is less than flattering (yours truly included) why does that have to have anything to do with race???

But then I am probably expecting too much, thinking that folks should behave and think like mature, rational adults, and actually vote on real issues, backed up by real facts supporting their chosen candidate’s positions(s), such as voting records, and looking at what sort of special interest groups are funding their campaign, because make no mistake: a special interest group is not about to give money to someone who isn’t going to further their cause!

And while I’m soapboxing here, I’d like to demonstrate my mastery of the obvious with one last point (for today): Obama is all about “Change you can believe in!” What is he going to change, how is he going to change it, and who is paying for it? All these young supporters don’t know what it’s like to live in a world that desperately needs to change. They don’t know what it’s like to go without food, or clothing or shelter. They don’t understand what it means to live under an oppressive government. They don’t have a clue about how valuable freedom of speech is, or the right to bear arms, or assemble in public. They probably don’t even know that those things are constitutional rights. They’ve always had those things, freely and in abundance. And so they do not value them. They do not get that the change they are cheering for is the type of society that gave birth to leaders like Stalin and Hitler.

Ask somebody who lived through WWII how they feel about the changes Obama is proposing. Ask someone who remembers what it was like when Hitler came to power, and what it was like living in Socialism. The crowds went wild cheering for Hitler, too. The young people believed him, because he was amazingly charismatic and mesmerizing. They never questioned him, or his motives. Until it was too late. I pray to God it does not grow so late in our own country!

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