Faith and I decided to treat ourselves today and go get pedicures. ๐Ÿ˜€ We always go to the same salon, which is owned and operated by some very sweet Vietnamese people. The only problem is, we can’t always understand what they are saying! So, after we had gotten our pedicures, complete with hand-painted oriental-looking flowers on our big toes, the lady asked me if I wanted a manicure, too. I told her I had a nail that was cracked, and asked if she could just fix that. Well, next thing I knew, I was getting a complete manicure! She asked me if I cooked, which I thought was an odd question, but I told her that yes, I do, I love to cook. Then she got right to work.

When it came time to apply the nail polish, she asked me if I wanted color, and I replied that I would, and I’d like the same color she’d used on my toenails. Then she told me “Oh, no. You no geh no coloh! You cook, you chip nails. You wait til you fohty. Then you geh coloh!” So I ended up with a lovely clear coat. But how could I argue with that sort of logic? Especially since I’m 41! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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