I am finally finished with the Yearbook!!  Yay!  For those of you who don’t know, I have done the yearbook for our homeschool support group for the past two years.  This is my last year, because it really does take up all of my time and energy, especially toward the end.  I love doing that kind of stuff, but my husband is starting to drop hints that he’d like to see me again at some point, when I’m not buried in a computer screen. 😉

I have plenty of other projects on the back burner that I would love to get to.  I actually got to one of them today!  I have been wanting to design my own banner for this blog for a long time, and I finally did.  Let me know what you think.

Other projects in the works:  a new photo gallery, hosted here on my own site.  I have been using Zenphoto, because it’s really simple, without all the bells and whistles that I don’t need and will never use.  If you want to check it out (understand that there are many more photos coming, and it’s not completely set up the way I want it) the link is:  http://morningtower.net/gallery.  It’s really not much different than my Flickr account, except that once I’ve got all my photos uploaded to it, I won’t have to pay for Flickr anymore.

I am hoping to create my own genealogy website sometime soon, too.  I understand that most of my readers are not interested in my family history, but I would like to have a spot online where that information is available for fellow gravediggers! 😀

The kids (Alex and Faith) leave for camp next Saturday.  Usually I try to do NOTHING while they’re gone, but this year we have a couple of fun things planned.  On the 30th, Mom and I are having a jewelry party.  Then, over the weekend of the 4th, Gaylon and I are going to Gatlinburg for a much needed and long awaited getaway!  Gatlinburg has an Independence Day Parade at Midnight on the 4th (or the night of the 3rd, however you want to look at it) and our hotel is right on the main street, so we’ll get to see it fairly easily.  We also have tickets to Dollywood and are planning on spending a day in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park hiking.  I think it’s gonna be an awesome weekend.  It’s been over 3 years since the two of us have gotten to go off for a few days.

In other news, Alex and Faith both did fantastic last Saturday for their presentations at 4-H County Activity Day.  Alex is doing a presentation on “Oil In Our World” about the uses of petroleum products in day-to-day life.  Faith’s presentation is on Fireflies.  Faith got a blue ribbon, and Alex got a red.  The judges told Alex that if he could just lengthen his presentation by a couple of minutes, he would almost certainly take the gold at State Congress next month.  We go to 4-H District Activity Day next week in Brevard.  That should be a lot of fun!

Kendall is enjoying working at the country club again this summer.  He has a theory now that rich people don’t have kitchens, because they all seem to spend all their time eating at the club.  He thinks (and I agree) that it’s ridiculous to drive over to the country club just to order a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  But, it keeps him employed, so he can’t complain too much!!  He is also especially enjoying this summer because his buddy, Joey, is now working there with him in the kitchen at the pool.  Now that would make a good reality tv show!!  😉

Also, on the 8th, we are getting a new priest.  That’s sort of exciting.  When I was growing up, we always had at least three priests, so it is a strange thing to me to only have one priest.  But it does make it much more exciting when we get a new one.  I’m anxious to see what he will be like.

So, that’s the update here.  I will hopefully have more time to post, now that the yearbook is finished.  Again, please let me know what you think about my new header, and if you check out the photo gallery, let me know about that, too.  It will be updated soon, and frequently.

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