I was not surprised to read that the Reverend Jesse Jackson has some ‘issues’ with Senator Obama!  Apparently, the good Reverend thinks that Barack seems to be “speaking down” to blacks in his recent visits to African-American churches.  Jesse called the speeches “lectures”, explaining later that “I said it can come off as speaking down to black people. The moral message must be a much broader message.”

Hmm.  I have so many thoughts about that comment that I’m not sure where to begin!  So here goes:

1) “Speaking down to black people” . . . does that mean that Jesse thinks the average black person is not intelligent?  Or is he accusing Obama of being such a brilliant orator that only white people can understand him?  Oh, wait, that’s sort of the same thing as saying black people are not intelligent!  Problem must be that Obama is half white.

2) “The moral message must be a much broader message” . . . wow.  I never dreamed I’d hear a preacher say that!!  I have read in the Bible something about the road to Hell being broad!!  And I am sure it said something along the lines of the gateway to Heaven being narrow, and only a ‘few’ would pass through.  (Matthew 7:13-14) I guess those Scriptures don’t apply in the Reverend Jackson’s church!!  But what does he mean by that, in regard to Obama?  Does he mean that Obama’s morals are too strict?  Does he mean that the average black person is such a bad sinner that the rules need to be softened to accommodate him/her?  I don’t know how black people perceive Jackson’s comments, but I would be insulted!  Black people are not only, according to Jackson, unintelligent, but incapable of following a strict moral code.

Seems to me that it’s Jesse Jackson, not Barack Obama, who is “speaking down to black people”

But that’s not all!  When the dear Reverend Jackson was on Fox News last week, he said something, out loud, over a live microphone, that should have never been said.  Especially not by Jesse, whose son is the co-chair of Obama’s national campaign.  Now, Jesse has apologized profusely, since saying “I want to cut his n*ts out” over a live microphone last week, in reference to Barack.  Senator Obama, has of course graciously forgiven him. What else is he going to do? Stoop to Jesse’s level?

It is my personal opinion that the Reverend is jealous of Obama.  And I seriously doubt that Jackson has enough of a following to sway the vote, especially since he is going out of his way, since his off-color remark last week, to vow undying support for Obama.

(If you would like to hear the Reverend’s comments (and apology) for yourself, click HERE.)

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