So yesterday we drove all the way to Canton, Mississippi. Yeah, it’s a really long drive.  But, the weather was great and the kids got along great, so all is well.  I chose Canton because it is the little town where my Dad’s family lived before the Civil War.  I have done so much research revolving around this little town that I wanted to actually see it for myself!  We are going downtown this morning so I can take some pictures.  

Then, we’re back on the road, headed for Texas.  We had originally planned to drive straight through to Midland, but when we realized that it would be a twelve hour drive, we unanimously elected to stop in Dallas tonight.  We won’t be doing any visiting, except with my aunt and uncle, with whom we are staying.  Then we’ll head to Midland tomorrow morning.

Aunt Bobbie is doing somewhat better, according to my cousin, Pattye.  She is a bit stronger, and can pull herself up to a sitting position now.  They are going to be moving her to another care facility on Thursday, something to do with her insurance.  At any rate, we can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

So, that’s my update so far. 🙂  I’ll be writing more as we go.

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