Last night, we got to eat Mexican food.  At La Bodega on Big Spring Street in Midland. REAL Mexican food!!!  Tex-Mex.  The stuff that God eats. 😀  After eating “Mexican Food” in North Carolina for 14 years, it is always a super-special treat to eat the real thing.  The salsa that came with the chips actually made my eyes water, it was so hot!  Man, that was good!!!  And it just got better from there.  The queso was actually a lovely golden color, not icky white goat cheese. The food came out smothered in glorious RED sauce, covered with CHEDDAR cheese!!!  It was Nirvana!

So, wanting to share the experience, I called Kendall to let him know how awesomely hot the salsa was.  He was rather rude about it, and told me that if I ever wanted to talk to him again, I should stop talking right then about the salsa. So, I called Gaylon, to share my joy with him.  He said the exact same thing Kendall said (which is really not appropriate to share here) and started whining about how he and Kendall were back home eating Ken-L Rations.  (Yeah, right!)

I am disappointed that they didn’t appreciate my experience, but Mom and Alex certainly did!  Alex loves Tex-Mex, even though he refuses to eat any ‘Mexican’ food in North Carolina.  And really, after last night, it’s going to be really difficult to convince my palate that the stuff they serve out there is worth eating.  *sigh*

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