With WordPress constantly updating their software, many themes are becoming obsolete.  Sadly, my original theme is one of those dinosaurs!  So, after spending way too much time searching for a new theme, and even going as far as setting up a test site just to try out different themes and see if I liked the way they looked, I have found a theme I like.

And, like all new things on the Web, it’s “under construction”! 😉  The pictures on the upper right hand side of my header will soon be replaced with photographs of my own choosing, but for now, please enjoy the ones that came with the theme.  Every time you re-load my blog, a new photo will display.  Yeah, I’m gonna have some fun with that!

I am not too crazy about the “Category Tabs” at the top, and will be working on figuring out how to change or possibly delete them. (Update:  I have already deleted them!) I am also considering adding a “Wall” and maybe a Poll or two.  I do hope that everybody likes it . . . I’ve threatened to change my theme for a long time now, and everybody I’ve mentioned it to has begged me not to, but sometimes you just gotta keep up with the times!  Please let me know if you find anything weird or glitchy, so I can try to fix it.  Thanks bunches! 😀

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