Well, if you’re reading this, and you’ve been keeping up with me recently, then you know this is the third theme in as many days!  I’m gonna get a bit “geeky” and “techy” here, so bear with me.  As I mentioned in my previous “New Theme” post, WordPress has been upgrading relentlessly  this past year.  And, I like what they are doing!  At first, I had some doubts, but by this point, even someone like me who has no clue how to create software, can appreciate their hard work in improving the interface and usability.  I love all the new bells and whistles!

However, as I mentioned before, the upgrades have rendered many older themes crippled, at best, and useless, at worst.  My old “Coffee Cup” theme (AKA: ‘Downtown Java’ by Brian Garndner) could no longer keep up with the new platform.  So, a couple days ago, I thought I would try the theme “Amazing Grace“.  I liked the name, and it seemed like it would be really easy to customize.  The guy has some pretty good forums for people to go to for help, and it works great with the latest WordPress release. He also has some really amazing plug-ins.  I particularly like his “Theme Test-Drive” plug-in, which allows you to play with a theme on your own site, while everyone else who visits the site still sees your regular format.

But for some reason, I couldn’t get my own images to load, at least not all the time.  And, I couldn’t get rid of the default images.  Now, I’m not a coding expert, but I know enough code to usually be able to go in and tweak whatever I need to fit my needs.  So, I went to the forums for help, and started reading posts, thinking I might find my solution there.  Nope.  Furthermore, I didn’t think some of his responses to people were very friendly.  Instead, he was rather sarcastic.  I imagine he gets frustrated with folks asking him lots of questions, all the time, but he could be a bit gentler!  Granted, he has offered the theme for free, and if he charged for it, then that might make a difference in the tone of his customer support.

So I continued my quest for a new, customizable theme that I could use.  I Googled “WordPress 2.6 Free Themes”, and found that WordPress.org itself offers a listing of themes that are compatible with their newest release.  The one I am trying out now seems very promising.  Although I like the headers that come with it, I am going to create my own header, and use it instead.  I have had several folks (including my husband and my daughter, whose votes count double!) tell me that they really miss my old header, and liked it better.  So, for those of you who agreed with them, but were too polite to say so, I will be creating another header, hopefully even better than the last one, to go with this theme. But I’m keeping the little stars!  Aren’t they cute??

And what theme is this, that I have chosen now?  Glad you asked!  It is called “Mandigo“.  These guys actually offer several themes, but this one will work best for me, I think.  If you have your own domain, and you use WordPress for a blogging platform, check them out.  (This would be a good time for me to point out that the free blogs available at WordPress.com are very, very different than the stuff available at WordPress.org).  WordPress.org is where you get all the wonderful OpenSource stuff, including this wonderful blogging software!

Okay, so I’ve loaded this post with all sorts of links, if you are so inclined to follow my path through the Blogosphere and try to figure out what I’m talking about.  If not, that’s okay, too!

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