I’m thinking that Obama’s definition of the word “change” may have come from the same dictionary Bill Clinton used to define “sex”.  “Change we can believe in!!”  Indeed.  Apparently the first thing he changes is his mind.  He was, as most folks know, a staunch supporter of gay marriage when he ran for the Senate in Illinois.  Marriage, not ‘civil union’.  (There is a difference!) Somebody must have let him know that strategically, supporting gay marriage was a bad plan, but that he could call it something else, and get away with it, and maybe nobody would notice.

But the gay community in Chicago is apparently more observant than most, and they recognize real change when they see it.   They have a gay newspaper called the Windy City Times.  (It was called ‘Outlines’ at the time of the first interview.) They interviewed Obama in 1996 when he was running for Senate, and again, in 2000.  In 1996 he was all for gay marriage.  By 2000, he had already started backpedaling.   They take issue with his ‘change’.  I don’t blame them. . . he flat out lied to them, and they are calling him out on the carpet.  Good for them!  I hope other liberals will be as willing to stand up and be counted when they realize that they, too, have been deceived.

(If you want to read the article, be warned that Windy City Times  is a gay site, and some of the ads might be offensive.  Here is the link: “Obama Changed Views on Gay Marriage”. )

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