So, tonight we shall bid a final adieu to “The King”.  No, not Elvis!  Grissom.  Finally, after weeks of putting it off, CBS is going to finish what they started with Laurence Fishburne before Christmas!!!

William Petersen’s fellow cast members refer to him as “The King”, because he is truly an amazing actor, and Gil Grissom is truly an amazing character.  I will even venture to say that there has never been another character on TV like Grissom.  We have been inundated with characters who think they are “all that” in some fashion or another.  Gil Grissom never tried to be tough or sexy or all-knowing.  As a result, he was all of those things!!

Can Fishburne replace Petersen?  Of course not.  I doubt he’ll even try.  He will create his own unique character.  And, while I like Laurence Fishburne, I don’t think CSI will ever be the same again. *sigh*  We’re gonna miss you, Grissom!

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