I am sitting here working on a genealogy website that I’ve been building, and my home is filled with the most amazing music, coming from the piano downstairs. Alex has been playing the piano as well as his guitar lately, and it’s wonderful! Last night, while I was cooking dinner, he played, beautiful stuff that just comes from his soul, and it is so delightful to hear! I love hearing the piano all over the house. It’s been a long time.

Faith has started to make her dress for Easter. She cut out all the pattern pieces this afternoon, and tonight she is planning to cut out the fabric, as well. It is so exciting to see her create such beautiful clothing for herself! And it is also really nice that she can make the most beautiful dresses that are timeless and modest, not like the sleazy stuff they are trying to market to young girls in all of the department stores now.

Kendall is working hard on a personality profile piece he is doing for one of his classes. He is planning to interview Doug Perry, his old karate teacher. Lots of kids take karate, but few are priveleged enough to learn under Sensei Perry. Sensei Perry is the first non-Okinawan promoted to the level of Kudan, or 9th-level black belt! So, now he is actually “Hanshi Perry”. Pretty cool, eh? Kendall will thoroughly enjoy this article, and I am sure he will get another ‘A’.

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