I’ve been tagged, and I’m supposed to tag 6 more blogs.  I don’t actually know, at least personally, six other people who blog!  I have a couple of friends with websites, but no blogs. (If my friend Noah still had his blog, that would be one more. . . !!)  So, I’m tagging the two people I know with blogs, even though one of them is Kendall, and he’s yet to do anything with his blog.  Maybe this will motivate him??  And then I am tagging a couple of cool Catholic Homeschooling blogs, and “June”, over at “June Cleaver After A Six-Pack”, which is the only blog that consistently makes me laugh out loud and snort my coffee through my nose!  And last, but not  least, the blog I read most frequently, the Creative Minority Report.  Also complete strangers, but I love their blog!  So, I apologize in advance to “June” and the wonderful people at Love2Learn and Unity of Truth and Creative Minority Report for a stranger tagging them.  I feel like such a stalker!!

Anyway, here goes:

A. Mention the person who nominated you.

The amazing Laura M. Rice at One Time.

B. List six (un)important things that make you happy.

1. The smell of fresh-baked bread. . . ummmm. . .

2. My cat, Pippin (although he would tell you he is VERY important!)

3. All the leaves being back on the trees

4. Thunderstorms

5. Spending an evening watching M*A*S*H and crocheting.

6. A professional pedicure!

C. Tag six blogs, state the rules & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

1.  Mommy Moments

2.  June Cleaver After A Six-Pack

3.  Fuego B. Pyre

4. Love2Learn

5.  Unity of Truth

6. Creative Minority Report

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