I have been scanning old family photographs for the past several days, and there seems to be no end in sight.  But, it is keeping me busy, which is very important for me, since I just quit smoking.  I’ve only felt mildly psychotic a couple of times, and it passed pretty quickly.  In fact, my children might actually say that I’ve been exactly the same!! LOL

Seriously, though, it is going far better than I thought, and the key for me really is to stay occupied.  If I am thinking of something, or busy in the middle of doing something, then I’m not as likely to think about smoking.

I also just bought the iLife upgrade for Mac, and it finally got here today, so I think I’ll install it and see what ‘new stuff’ there is to play with.  I think I will be able to upload straight to my Flickr account from the new iPhoto, so that will be very cool.  And, I think I will be able to publish a website directly to my url, so I might actually get that genealogy site done that I’ve been threatening to finish for, ah, probably a few years now!  So maybe this quitting smoking thing will work for me on several levels.

One last thing:  I am NOT quitting smoking because it costs too much, or because it “causes cancer”, or because some amazingly insensitive obnoxious non-smoker said something snotty to me.  It’s my decision, and I chose it for my own personal reasons, which has not been easy, because I absolutely love to smoke.

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