Well, just when I thought the sadness was going to engulf our house, I had a visit from an old friend and her adorable baby to cheer me up!  Now, I am not one of those people who thinks that all babies are cute, but this little girl is an absolute doll!!  She has the cutest smile and the biggest blue eyes, and is so delightful to be around.

And I am so proud of my friend, Celena, and all the choices she has made as a mother. She had a homebirth (and is going to bring the video for me to watch this weekend! Yay!) and she is still breastfeeding.  She has also chosen not to vaccinate her little girl.  I loved watching her with her daughter, too.  She is such an awesome mom! She and her baby renewed my hope in the world, and cheered me up tremendously.  Yeah, happiness really does come in small packages!!

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