Okay, let’s get something straight.  Murder does not equal Terrorism.  And it’s asinine to say otherwise.  When the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked on September 11, 2001, I felt terror.  In fact, everyone I knew was terrified.  We did not know what the immediate future held, and we were very afraid, for our world, our country, our very lives.  That’s terrorism, folks.

When someone is murdered, I do not feel terror.  I am always sad that someone has lost their life, that a family has lost their loved one.  But terror never crosses my mind.  Ergo, when late-term abortionist George Tiller was shot and killed last Sunday, the only thing I felt was sadness that the life of someone I didn’t know had passed.

Yes, apparently some psycho killed him because he was a ‘late-term abortionist’.  Which brings up another important point:  that makes the killer, by default, NOT “pro-life”.  This is very elementary, boys and girls!  If someone kills another living person, they are against life, not for it!  But I digress. . .  killing someone specifically for any reason does not terrorism make!

Let’s use some famous examples.  When John Lennon was killed, nobody conjured up the word ‘terrorism’.  ‘Crazy’, ‘stalker’, ‘obsessed’ come to mind, but never ‘terror’.  Nobody, with the possible exception of Yoko Ono, felt afraid.

Another famous example:  Jack the Ripper.  No, seriously!  He killed prostitutes.  Decent women who were safe in their homes after dark did not feel fear, much less terror.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the term “terrorism” had not yet been coined at that point in history, and perhaps we should ban its use now.

Terrorism, on the other hand, is what Obama inflicted upon the innocent people of New York City on April 27, when Air Force One was allowed to do low flyovers of Manhattan, followed by two fighter jets.  Could the people on the ground discern that it was merely AF1 up there, and that they were only there for a “photo op“??  Um, NO!  All they saw were low-flying airplanes, and since they are all pretty much still suffering from PTSD, they all freaked out and thought they were being attacked again.  On a mass scale.  That, my friends, is terrorism.  In Obama’s defense, he stated he had no idea that anyone had taken his airplane, and he was shocked, shocked! I tell you, to find that it had been not only taken, but used so irresponsibly.  So, now, in addition to their regular duties, his secretaries have to field calls from Hollywood filmmakers asking if he would star in their new film “Dude! Where’s My Plane?”  (okay, okay, it’s lame, but you have to admit it fits!)

So, please don’t tell me that the man who killed Tiller is a terrorist or a “pro-lifer”.  And don’t even try to say that all “pro-lifers” are terrorists!! Can we please just use some common sense, and do away with all of the alarmist media propaganda?

Note:  I firmly believe that both murder and terrorism are mortal sins, and contemptable acts.  I simply felt that the distinction needed to be made.

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