I get emails from Staples.  I never read them, but I get them.  But today’s title caught my eye.  It reads:  “Your Destiny Awaits”. Okay, you’ve got my attention, ’cause I’m all about destiny and all.  So, I read the email.  No mention of destiny, and the best I can tell, Staples idea of my ‘destiny’ (and probably yours, too) is Windows 7.  Pass.  It will be a cold day south of the border before I purchase anything Windows again!!

A friend recently asked me how I was liking my MacBook.  I told him that I would go back to using a typewriter before I would ever use a Windows-based computer again.  So, I will make my own destiny, thank you very much!!

And I think I am going to look into stopping those emails from Staples.  They’re subversive!!! 😉

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