So, anybody who knows me even a little, knows I hate Walmart. I have said for years that the easiest way to film a zombie documentary is to just tape the people who are shopping at Walmart. I honestly believe it’s like the lifeforce just gets sucked right out of you when you walk in that place, and people walk twice as slow as they normally would. Which makes it absolutely impossible to get out of there quickly.

And haven’t we all seen something completely mind-boggling either in the store or the parking lot? Well, apparently this phenomenon is global, and happens at all Walmarts. There is actually a website dedicated to posting pictures of the freaky people you see there. Please be forewarned: some of it is vulgar. Some of it is beyond vulgar. A lot of it is not okay for young children to see. Even though all of these pictures were taken in public.  But, being the twisted individual that I am, I had to laugh. A lot. And I am not sure what is funnier, the pictures, or the comments the guy puts under each one.

After seeing these pictures of how people actually dress and then go out in public, I am beginning to understand how Obama got elected, and what is wrong with our nation!!

Check it out (but make sure you have some free time, cuz it’s gonna take a while!!)  And please, come back and leave me a comment about what you thought.

People of Walmart

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