I would say the weather report sounds like a broken record, but that would really be dating myself, wouldn’t it? I don’t think my youngest child even knows what a “record” is, much less what the term “broken record” means! Anyway.  This winter has been amazing.  We’ve lived in North Carolina for fifteen years, and have never seen anything like this!  There has been snow on the ground for two months!  I am starting to entertain fantasies about jumping in my car and driving down to Miami in search of warmth, but it is such a long drive, and my Spanish still needs some work. . . 😉

I have been working on my genealogy today, and that has been fairly rewarding.  In particular I have been trying to learn more about the Estes branch of my family.  We are descended from David Shipton Estes (1776 – 1861).  I have some very old photographs from my great-aunt Bobbie’s “Adams Album”, that are simply labeled “Estes Family Members”, but nobody knows who they are.  So I am hoping to find names for the faces.  I will post them here, because who knows?  Stranger things have happened!  They are scanned from the original tintypes.  If anyone researching Adams, Estes/Eastes or even Freeman families sees these and recognizes them, please let me know who they are!!

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