Map of the Colorado Trail

I just wanted to brag a bit on Alex!  He will graduate from our humble homeschool next month, and to celebrate, he is going to fly out to Denver, meet up with a friend and hike the Colorado Trail!  It is 500 miles long, from start to finish (Denver to Durango).  I think it’s absolutely awesome that they are doing this, and wish I had done something adventurous when I was young and free.

His friend, Jess, is my friend Lola’s only child.  They have pretty much known each other all their lives.  Lola,  her sister, Cathy, and I have been friends forever.  Like, um, over thirty years!! So Lola and I are loving that our kids have grown up to be friends, too.

Alex has spent a ton of money already on special feather-weight, ‘moisture-wicking’ clothing.  He also bought a pair of underwear that actually have silver woven into them!  I’m not sure how they do that, but the reason behind it is that silver is an antibacterial, and so it’s supposed to fight against ‘road rash’.  Good plan, considering they will pretty much be wearing the same set of clothes for over a month!!

Lola tells me that there are “drops” along the trail where we can mail stuff to them, if they need it, and where they can make contact with civilization, if they need to or want to.  Jess has done quite a bit of hiking before, and apparently keeps online trail journals.  If Alex decides to do something like that, I will post the link.  Lola ordered a wall map of the CT and mailed it to us, so when they call in at various points during the hike, I can label their location on the map with the date. I think that’s a very cool sort of keepsake.  There are lots of other little details that I’m learning about as we go along.  I’m glad Lola has done this before, so she can keep me up to speed on things.  Alex pretty much just does his own thing, and I have to try and keep up, LOL!

Alex and Jess will be done in plenty of time for Alex to get home in time for his brother’s wedding.  Most importantly, he will be back in plenty of time to take a SHOWER!! 😉

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