Time has been flying by me lately, and I have had the feeling of not being able to slow down long enough to catch my breath as my life keeps rushing by me at the speed of, well, life!  The other evening I had this image in my mind of somehow trying to run through my life and gather up all the sweet memories and just hang on to them with everything I’m worth. So many things in my life are shifting and changing, and it is really difficult for me to keep up with them all!  Kendall is getting married.  Alex is graduating from our Homeschool, and is talking very seriously about joining the Army after he gets home from Colorado.  Faith just turned thirteen, and is taller than me now!  And, to top it all off, we are moving to Austin in August.

I am excited.  I am looking forward to the adventure of meeting new friends and experiencing new things in new places.  But I am also grieving deeply the life I am leaving behind here in North Carolina.  These Blue Ridge Mountains have been my home for the past sixteen years, and my children have grown up here.  I have so many memories and friends here.  This is so much more difficult than it was to leave New Mexico.  I find myself feeling very melancholy sometimes, and it’s hard to stay upbeat and positive when that happens.

Yet, I know, beyond any doubt, that moving to Texas is what God has for our family right now, and that it will be a good move.  I spent almost two weeks out there at the beginning of this month with Gaylon, and it was wonderful!  Besides getting to spend some really needed one-on-one time with Gaylon without any kids or anything, I really got to remember all the things I love about Texas.  The people in Texas are, without any doubt, the friendliest in the world!  Here on the East Coast, it’s just not so friendly.  Folks in Texas still smile at you for no reason whatsoever when they see you in the store or at the movies.  Heck, they even say “Hello!”, whether they know you or not.  If someone steps in front of you while you’re in the aisle of the grocery store, they say “Excuse me.”  The men are gentlemen, too.  They still hold the door open for women, and say “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am”.

They even drive nicer!  In fact, if you are taking up space in the fast lane and you’re not actually passing a vehicle in the slow lane, they will give you a ticket! People are POLITE.  I didn’t run across a single rude person the whole time I was out there!  So I am very much looking forward to that.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, too, but the Mexican food in Texas is AMAZING.  So is the steak.  The Mexican food out here is okay, but it’s not the Tex-Mex that I grew up with and love.  As far as the steak goes, well, I used to know a guy who wouldn’t order steak unless he was in Texas.  (He was from Chicago, btw).  Now I know why.

And, although I am convinced that North Carolina is one of the most beautiful places on this planet, I can find beauty in Texas, too.  Like the Bluebonnets!  And the Live Oaks.  Bluebonnets and Live Oaks are two of my favorite things. Ever.

But at the same time, I love these Blue Ridge Mountains!  They are warm, and cozy.  I have wrapped them around myself like a favorite quilt.  I love the blazing color in the Fall, and the endless fields of wildflowers in the Spring.  I love the Lightening Bugs and the sweet haze that hangs low over the Summer mountains, and the smell of woodburning stoves drifting through the barren trees of Winter.  I love the woods, the streams and waterfalls. I love my church, our 4-H Club, and our homeschool group.  I love it when Kendall’s friends drop by, even when he’s not here!  I love it when Kendall drops by, too! 😉

I love picking apples in the Fall and making homemade applesauce.  I love how easy it is to grow a garden here, and all the wonderful things I have learned about home canning.  I am still blown away by the fact that strawberries and grapes just grow wild here!  I tried for years to grow strawberries in New Mexico.  Then, we move out here, and they just sprout up out of nowhere!

Yes, there are many things I will miss when we move, and even more people that I will miss. I am trusting in God, and know, without question, that He has the whole thing under control, and that as long as He is in control, everything will be okay.  But even so, this is a bittersweet move, and as exciting as it all is, I know it won’t be easy.

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