Tonight, my daughter has two friends over for a sleepover.  Ever since her guests arrived, the three of them have been talking and giggling non-stop.  Even during dinner, where these otherwise delicate young ladies wolfed down two pizzas, the talking and giggling continued, unabated.  It is so much fun to listen to them!

I remember being thirteen, and having friends over.  Those were such sweet times! But what I do not remember is any of us sitting around, talking about how funny and awesome our dads were.  So it was a special treat for me tonight to listen to these three young ladies sit around the dinner table and start trading funny stories about their dads!  They each had something fun and exciting to tell, and it was beautifully obvious to me that the three of them are crazy about their daddies.

I wish I had felt that way about my own father, but I am so very grateful that my daughter has such a close relationship with hers.  It is a sacred bond,one that is all too rare in this day and age. I know that all three of the men who were spoken of so fondly by their daughters tonight are strong and faithful Christians, and I have no doubt that is the reason their daughters feel the way they do.

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