When we first started talking, well, perhaps whispering is more accurate, about moving back to Texas, it didn’t seem real.  We discussed all the things we love about Texas, such as the people, the politics, our family and friends there.  We considered that Gaylon was able to find really good work out there, and there just wasn’t anything left here that paid any reasonable amount of money.  So, we prayed, we talked, we prayed some more, and made up our minds to do this thing.

Last week, we signed a lease on a house in Austin, Texas.  Today, Gaylon has rented the moving trucks, and I am reserving a flight home for Kendall’s friend, Joey, who has volunteered to drive one of the trucks for us.  We are packing a little bit more every day. This is really happening!  We are really doing this!

But, now that everything is starting to come together,  it’s just getting tougher and tougher.  Like this morning.  My friend Lisa came to hang out for a bit.  Her son, Eli, walked in and announced that it was really getting depressing, seeing all of the boxes in our house.  Yeah.  I totally agree.  And it makes it harder still that I delivered that child when he was born, almost 15 years ago!

My friends are really starting to press in, and let me know they love me.  I got a text from the Amazing Kathy T.  We are going to have breakfast together tomorrow morning.  Then I got an email from Vicky. She wants me to drop by during her break some day before we leave.  Many more friends have RSVP’d for Kendall’s wedding, and it’s killing me, because I know that it will be the last time I see most of them for a very, very long time.

And it’s not just my friends, but my homeschool support group I’m leaving behind.  I got an email yesterday informing me that it’s time to renew my membership in the Henderson County Homeschool Association.  By the time that membership is due, I will be 1100 miles from here, in a new “galaxy, far, far away”.  I will miss the Fall Family Picnic.

But I think that the most difficult part of saying ‘Goodbye’ is leaving behind all the memories.  This is where my children grew up.  And Faith was born here.  I have such sweet, sweet memories of La Leche League Meetings, Bible Studies, “Friday Classes”, Ice Cream at Piggy’s, the Christmas Lights on Main Street and Little League Baseball games at Jackson Park. Some of my favorite times were with Kendall, as he participated in “My Father’s House” and shared God’s love with others through Sign Language and Music. And I loved watching Alex dance with the Asheville Ballet and act at the Flat Rock Playhouse, and going with Faith to her Girl Scout and 4-H meetings.  I know that I will always carry those precious images in my heart, but there is something about leaving this place that makes me know I will leave a very vital piece of myself behind.

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