We are sort of settling in here in Austin.  The move went very smoothly.  We had wonderful help from our amazing friends on both ends of this journey.  In North Carolina, we had a small army to help us pack and load the trucks.  Gaylon’s brother, Chuck, and his wife, Anna, stayed on after the wedding to help us pack.  If it wasn’t for Chuck, that basement would never have been conquered!!  Anna helped me pack up a lot of books upstairs, too.  We would probably still be packing if it wasn’t for my dear friend, Marcia T.,  who pretty much single-handedly loaded my entire kitchen! When it came time to load the trucks, she sent her husband, John, and two sons, Daniel and Andrew, to help, and they didn’t come empty-handed.  She sent a crockpot of sloppy joes, along with a fruit and a veggie tray!  Hmmm. . .  methinks this woman has moved before. . .  Kendall and Lishi were on hand to help on Saturday, along with Clint and his girlfriend, Christine, and Zach C.  Aaron G. was of course there the whole time, and Alex’s buddy, Joshua B. was there almost the whole week.  Kendall’s friend, Joey, who also helped load, drove one of the trucks for us.  My best friend, Lisa, sent me off with coffee.

Once we pulled into Austin, Joey had two of his friends meet us at the house, and they stayed for two days to help unload.  Our dear friends, Tim and Beth, drove down from the Dallas area to help, and of course, Donna and Dave were here.  They all managed to get the truck unloaded in about 6 hours, and Beth even helped me unpack most of my dining room stuff!

To say that we feel loved doesn’t even begin to cover it!!  We have had so many phone calls and emails from folks all over the country checking on us, it really is humbling.  We are so grateful for such incredible friends and family!!

So now our only big challenge is figuring out how to downsize to a home that is about 2/3 smaller than the one in North Carolina!  We are getting rid of so much stuff!!  I have to say, I feel very blessed to have so much stuff to spare.

Now that we are here, Faith has decided to go by her middle name, ‘Abigail’, or ‘Abby’ for short.  I confess that if I had moved to a new city when I was her age, I’d have done the exact same thing!  It’s just tough for us to get used to calling her ‘Abby’!  We are planning on starting school on Monday, and I think we are both looking forward to getting back into our familiar homeschool groove.  It’s definitely time to start living in ‘real time’ and not in limbo anymore!

Alex has a job interview tomorrow with a place called Sprouts.  It is some sort of organic, local produce grocery store.  I am really hoping he gets the job, and then a discount! 😉

Now that we are somewhat settle, and starting to feel ever so slightly more relaxed, I will be posting much more frequently, so check back!

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