It has been twenty-one months since Gaylon moved out to West Texas to work for his family’s business.  And so, it has been twenty-one months that we have only really seen him once or (if we’re lucky) twice a month.  But tonight, he is coming home for good! 🙂

Last week, the company had to lay everyone off, and so now Gaylon is back among the unemployed.  At first, I was shocked, stunned.  I couldn’t even think of something to say when he told me.  But slowly, through the grace of God, acceptance has come, and I am even starting to see this as a potential blessing, job-wise.  Obviously, it’s a blessing to have Gaylon home!  But we still have to pay the bills, and we are hoping and praying that Gaylon will be able to find an excellent job here in Austin post-haste!

I had already been job-hunting, and am in the interview process for a dispatch position.  I scored really high on the test I took yesterday, and so am hoping that my score and previous dispatch experience will help me win out over everyone else.

But now, I have a house to straighten, chocolate cookies to bake and dinner to prepare:  my husband is coming home!!

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