Okay, this edition of “Only In Texas” is of a more serious nature, although Mom and I did find some humor in it.  I get an email newsletter from the Texas Homeschool Coalition, and it tends to be rather political.  But, as the rest of the nation is already aware, politics here in Texas are a bit different than in other states. (Except maybe Georgia!) And thanks to the THC, I was reminded of one of the major distinctions here.

Governor Rick Perry is up for reelection in November, and apparently some Lilly-Livered-Liberal named Bill White has decided to run against him.  He’ll probably sweep the vote here in Austin, but the rest of Texas may lynch him.

Why?  Oh, I am soooo glad you asked!!  Because Mr. White is anti-gun.  In fact, he is so anti-gun, that the Dallas Morning News has this to say about him:

“There are a couple of boxes you have to check to even exist in Texas politics. You’ve got to believe in God and you’ve got to respect guns,” said Democratic political strategist Jason Stanford. . .

For one thing, Democrat Bill White would have to get a hunting license.

What?????  The man wants to be governor of the Lone Star State and he doesn’t even hunt? It’s treason, I tell you!!  Don’t laugh.  The Dallas Morning News finishes with this statement:

It’s no small matter in a state where hunting feral hogs from a helicopter is part of the public debate.

And that, my friends, is truly “Only In Texas”!!

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