Abby got to attend her very first Masquerade Ball on Friday night, hosted by the Christian Choral Society of Austin.  She is not a member, but our homeschool group was invited. 🙂

Gypsy Child

She had been working on a costume for All Saints Day (we Catholics do like to dress up and celebrate all sorts of days!) but it wasn’t quite finished, so we headed down to the Halloween Express store and found a suitable replacement.

Now, I have to say that we were both very excited about being able to hop in the car and be anywhere within ten minutes!  Much as I love Saluda, it is so much more convenient living in the city.  Anyway, after looking for an Alice in Wonderland costume, which were only available in sizes that would fit the Dormouse, we found a wonderful Gypsy costume!

Abby had a wonderful time with all of her new friends, and is looking forward to dressing up as “Candy Cann” for the Murder Mystery Party this coming Friday evening!

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