I love Austin.  It’s so. . .  WEIRD!!  We went downtown today because we needed a dress for Abby to wear to the Murder Mystery Party that our homeschool group is having this Saturday night.  Her character, Candy Cann, is an entertainer/showgirl, and we were thinking we could rent or find a dress really cheap.

So, I Googled “Costume Shops Austin”.  There were 375,000 results, but the very first one caught my eye:  Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds.  Well, I love a good play on words, and think that is one of the most clever I’ve ever seen.  So, I clicked on the link, and learned that they have over 8000 square feet of costumes available for sale or rent, and of course, they have extended hours for Halloween.  And, much to my extreme delight, they are easy to find, because they have a 12 foot zebra on their roof dressed like Carmen Miranda!!  Her name is Carmen Zebra-Jones.  😉  Ohhhhhh. . . .it just doesn’t get any more “Austin” than this!!  We had to go.

First we stopped at a restaurant just up the street called “Hopdoddys” and had fantastic hamburgers.  Next time we’re down on South Congress, we’re going to have to try Guero’s, but these hamburgers were perfect.  Then, we strolled over to “Lucy’s”.

Carmen Zebra-Jones

The place was wall-to-wall costumes, and laid out very much like a labyrinth.  The sales staff was super friendly and helpful, which was a good thing, because navigating that place on your own could be an endless task.  I think Abby looked at every possible costume in the store before she finally found one that she liked, but thankfully, find one she did, and Mom bought it for her.  (Never shop with a 13 year old girl!)

So, now we are ready to roll for Saturday night’s “whodunit”!  If you’re ever in the SoCo district of Austin, be sure to check this place out.  It’s great!!

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