It’s that time of year, and Abby has managed to come down with some sort of a virus.  Starting Sunday evening, she began running a really high fever.  By Monday, she had a very sore throat, a bad headache, overall aches and pains, and had developed really nasty pus spots on her tonsils.  So, we took her to the doctor yesterday, to see if it was an infection. I thought it might be Strep, but Abby wanted to make sure it wasn’t Mono.  The poor kid has never emotionally recovered from her bout with Mono back in 2005!

They swabbed her throat and within a few minutes had ruled Strep out.  Then, at her insistence, they took blood, so they could determine if it was Mono, and then we went home to await the verdict.  About 6:00 p.m. we got a call from the doctor, who informed us that it is not Mono, just some other run-of-the-mill virus.  So, I relayed the information.  It went like this:

Me: Abby, the doctor just called, and you do NOT have Mono.

Abby:  Really?  Yay!  What virus is it?

Me:  I don’t know.  Just some virus.

Abby:  Well, can’t they run it through the Virus Database?

Me:  (Laughing really hard) No, it’s just the doctor’s office, not NCIS!!!

Too funny!

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