Last month, Gaylon and I had the privilege of being invited to the annual Texas Alliance for Life benefit dinner with some friends.  It was downtown, at the Austin Hilton, and the food and company were wonderful!

The speaker was Abby Johnson, ex-director of the Planned Parenthood of Bryan, Texas.  When Ms. Johnson resigned her position, and began exposing Planned Parenthood, it made national news.  I just learned that her speech has been posted on YouTube in two parts, so I am posting it here.  Altogether, it is 26 minutes long, but it is really powerful.  You don’t have to live in Texas to be deeply moved by what this woman has to say. You just have to be human.

The testimony she shares is powerful and tragic.  I admire her courage, and am grateful that she does what she does, but I don’t think I could do it.  By the time she was through telling her story, everyone at our table (and I think in the entire ballroom) was weeping.  See for yourself:

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