I am on several homeschool email lists, and get all sorts of emails from all sorts of people.  After homeschooling for the past 17 years, there are just a lot of things I don’t feel the need to know about or read about.  I delete most of them.  But this past week, I got one that really disturbed me.

As a homeschooler, I tend to think we should live up to a higher standard than others.  If we are going to declare that homeschooling is superior to public schooling, then we need to understand that we will be held to a very high standard.  I understand that not everyone is a good speller, and that grammar ain’t for everyone, but puh-leeze!  If you are going to send out an email to several hundred homeschoolers regarding a Homeschool Honor Society, then using the proper words is important.  Do not refer to students who might want to join as “perspective” members!  Seriously?? I might have let it slide if it was an American Girls Club for ten-year-olds.  But for an Honor Society, I would think they would know the difference between “perspective” and “prospective”.

For the record, my kids know the difference, and they are the only ones for which I am actually responsible. 😉

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