I have noticed a very disturbing trend, and I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed, or who is disturbed by it.  It seems to me, that every time I turn around, someone, somewhere, is bashing someone else.  And it is becoming more and more acceptable to bash non-liberals.  On Facebook, I am seeing status updates that assume some very mean things about Republicans, about Conservatives, and Christians.  Especially about Catholic Christians.

When did it become okay to be so judgmental and mean-spirited?  And people don’t even bother to be polite about it.  I am reading things that assume that all Republicans are hate-mongering racists, and that it’s up to the liberals to be peaceful and loving, so that we will see the light!  Really?  I had no idea that in order to feel peace, or to be loving, that I had to become a Democrat!!

I know a lot of Democrats that I actually love and care about very deeply.  I have some extremely “liberal” friends and family members.  I disagree with them, politically and spiritually.  But that doesn’t make them “bad people”, at least in my eyes.  And if it did, I have no doubt that I’d be crucified for thinking so!! I certainly hope that they don’t feel such hatred toward me for my beliefs.

Apparently, when I wasn’t looking, being a conservative, Catholic Christian became a bad thing.  From the stuff I’m reading, people seem to think it’s not much different than being a member of the KKK!!!  What a crock of garbage! It seems that almost any accusation can be leveled against Conservatives, no matter how sweeping or general the charge, and everyone just believes it!  How did this happen??

So here’s my proposal to all of the liberals out there who are so quick to judge me:  “Give (real) peace a chance!”  (Yep.  Even us racist, hate-mongering Republicans can quote Lennon.)  I am seeing more and more judgment, name-calling, and just flat-out venomous intolerance from the “Tolerant” Crowd.  I hate to be the one to always be pointing out that the ‘Emperor Has No Clothes’, but it’s painfully obvious to me that they are so busy hating and judging us that the truth has absolutely ceased to have any bearing whatsoever.

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